LiVe Your DreAms




NeVer LoOse SoMe One….

Who CroSse’s The BoundaRie’s  JusT 2 MeEt U……

Who FeEl’s That YouR HapPineSs  iS TheIr HaPpinesS……

Who LoVe’s You MoRe ThaN Any OthErs in ThiS World….

Who’s LasT WiSh iS BeinG WiTh You…..



RanDom CapTureS -1

Diwali : FesTivaL of LiGhts…


We Indians celebrate many festivals across a year. Most of the festive days were commemorated for the good defeating the evil. On all these days, People rejoice themselves by spraying colors, Bursting crackers, Having Bonfires, Having whole family gatherings and preparing the food we like.On all these auspicious days, people visit the religious place for praying to the god for the welfare of their family and the society.

Among all the festivals, Diwali ( Festival of lights ) is one of the special ones for us.On this day I have been to one of the temples in Minneapolis (USA) at night. When I visited there,  I felt that I was there in India. Even in the cold weather, There was a huge crowd gathered. Initially, I had my darshan of God and after that, I went outside for viewing the bursting of firecrackers.The People who completed there darshan started fetching loads of firecrackers from their cars and started bursting them. Due to the burst of firecrackers, that place became so bright and colorful. It was a wonderful moment when watching the people rejoice for the defeat of the evil so I captured the above image. The Inner meaning for bursting the crackers is that Darkness is the evil, we are defeating the darkness (evil ) by making it brighter (Good).

Beautiful Minneapolis…

When the weather is freezing Cold….

When there were little drizzles….

When the Sun Set brings colors to that place…

An awesome location to be in.


image1 (1)

New OrLeans: MarDi GraS

February 28 , 2017.

Recently, my friends  and I visited New Orleans for the Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras is a carnival celebrations which is celebrated once every year in New Orleans. We traveled 4 hours to reach the place. As we reached there, it was late in the evening, we were not able to make up for the main carnival so we visited some of the nearby places. We stayed

in a hotel for that night. Initially , we went to one of the French quarter’s famous Bourbon street. Huge crowd were already gathered on that street dressed in colorful costumes, wearing bead chains and ambling across the street. Besides that, there were some people who were standing in balconies of the quarters and throwing bead chains at the carnival parade. The person who impresses the most, will get the bead chains from them due to which the people walking on the streets are looking above at the balconies and are trying to impress them. I got seven bead chains. As we walked along the street, we saw so many pubs and restaurants. They all were occupied with people, who were drinking and dancing to the music. After that at 2:00 am, we went to Cafe Du Monde, one of the famous French coffee parlor. Even though it was midnight, the cafe was jam packed. We had chai (coffee) and cookies, which were so delicious. Having a very hot coffee in chilled night weather is an awesome experience. At the end, we visited the lake nearby, took couple of pictures and left to the motel at 3:00 am. As soon as we reached our room, we took a nap. On the next day, we woke up at 9:00 am and started our journey back to Beaumont, Texas. Although we were there for a shorter duration, we saw how a night life in New Orleans looks like and had an opportunity to visit couple of prominent tourist places.

Bdy PartY DecorAtions…

World Is Full oF BeauTiful Things So CapTure Every Thing…..

It’s Taco Time…..

Recently , I visited the Velvet Tacos restaurant in Dallas which is located in downtown.This is one of best places to hangout.I reached there with my friends at 12:30 am .Even at midnight ,it was fully crowded and there was no room for sitting inside.We waited in long que for giving order at the counter.By the time we got our chance , We reviewed the items in the menu and came with an order.We ordered for paneer tikka and chicken tacos.As soon as we paid our check,we received our food in couple of minutes.

The prices of the ordered items are given below:

Fried paneer Taco + Taxes – Approx 4 $.

Buffalo Chicken Taco + Taxes – Approx 5 $.

As there is no room inside so we took the food and came outside. There were tables and chairs with couple of adjustable heaters placed beside them . Eating delicious tacos in the cold weather by staying next to the heaters is an awesome experience.

Tacos here are so delicious and they were prepared in such a way that it is consumable by variety of ethnic groups from across the world.On the other side, tacos are little bit expensive and quantity is  less.If you are too hungry then you might not end up with one.

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