If you wanted to try a Saudi style food in Beaumont then you should definitely visit Albasha Restaurant. I visited there with my friends for having dinner .we ordered a chicken biriyani (Makuluba)prior to reaching over there so they served us food as soon as we arrived .The chicken biriyani came in a large plate which can be sufficient for four people if they are not too hungry.The food was served with two salads. The ingredients in food makes it so yummy and it is not spicy.One can try chicken kababs with two sides and cheese cake also.

Apart from food ,if you are interested in having hookah then its a better place too hang out.They have different flavors of hookah.For boozing,beers are sold there or else one can get it from outside .

The only minus point of this restaurant is that the food here is so expensive.While having biriyani ,We ordered for couple more salads.This salads normally they are supposed to be free but they charged for us.

If you are a  food lover and wants to try various international dishes then you should definitely try it.