Recently , I visited the Velvet Tacos restaurant in Dallas which is located in downtown.This is one of best places to hangout.I reached there with my friends at 12:30 am .Even at midnight ,it was fully crowded and there was no room for sitting inside.We waited in long que for giving order at the counter.By the time we got our chance , We reviewed the items in the menu and came with an order.We ordered for paneer tikka and chicken tacos.As soon as we paid our check,we received our food in couple of minutes.

The prices of the ordered items are given below:

Fried paneer Taco + Taxes – Approx 4 $.

Buffalo Chicken Taco + Taxes – Approx 5 $.

As there is no room inside so we took the food and came outside. There were tables and chairs with couple of adjustable heaters placed beside them . Eating delicious tacos in the cold weather by staying next to the heaters is an awesome experience.

Tacos here are so delicious and they were prepared in such a way that it is consumable by variety of ethnic groups from across the world.On the other side, tacos are little bit expensive and quantity is  less.If you are too hungry then you might not end up with one.