We Indians celebrate many festivals across a year. Most of the festive days were commemorated for the good defeating the evil. On all these days, People rejoice themselves by spraying colors, Bursting crackers, Having Bonfires, Having whole family gatherings and preparing the food we like.On all these auspicious days, people visit the religious place for praying to the god for the welfare of their family and the society.

Among all the festivals, Diwali ( Festival of lights ) is one of the special ones for us.On this day I have been to one of the temples in Minneapolis (USA) at night. When I visited there,  I felt that I was there in India. Even in the cold weather, There was a huge crowd gathered. Initially, I had my darshan of God and after that, I went outside for viewing the bursting of firecrackers.The People who completed there darshan started fetching loads of firecrackers from their cars and started bursting them. Due to the burst of firecrackers, that place became so bright and colorful. It was a wonderful moment when watching the people rejoice for the defeat of the evil so I captured the above image. The Inner meaning for bursting the crackers is that Darkness is the evil, we are defeating the darkness (evil ) by making it brighter (Good).