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It’s Taco Time…..

Recently , I visited the Velvet Tacos restaurant in Dallas which is located in downtown.This is one of best places to hangout.I reached there with my friends at 12:30 am .Even at midnight ,it was fully crowded and there was no room for sitting inside.We waited in long que for giving order at the counter.By the time we got our chance , We reviewed the items in the menu and came with an order.We ordered for paneer tikka and chicken tacos.As soon as we paid our check,we received our food in couple of minutes.

The prices of the ordered items are given below:

Fried paneer Taco + Taxes – Approx 4 $.

Buffalo Chicken Taco + Taxes – Approx 5 $.

As there is no room inside so we took the food and came outside. There were tables and chairs with couple of adjustable heaters placed beside them . Eating delicious tacos in the cold weather by staying next to the heaters is an awesome experience.

Tacos here are so delicious and they were prepared in such a way that it is consumable by variety of ethnic groups from across the world.On the other side, tacos are little bit expensive and quantity is  less.If you are too hungry then you might not end up with one.

My DraWiNgs….

Battle Ship,Texas.

Battle Ship Texas is a ship which was named in honor of the US Texas State.This is the only armored ship which participated in both World War 1 and World War 2.She is the first U.S. battleship to mount anti-aircraft guns. She was also the first to control gunfire with directors and range-keepers. These early computers increased firing accuracy. She has a very large caliber guns and sufficient ammo for the battles .All facilities were provided in the ship so that soldiers can survive in the ocean for years .

Ticket Price: Adult:12$.

Next to the battle ship Texas , we can find a San Jacinto monument which was named  after the last battle.It is the tallest stone monument in the world.San Jancto battle was fought  between mexico and  america .This is a decisive battle for Texas evolution.San Jacinto has museum which focuses on the history of the Battle of San Jacinto and Texas culture and heritage.

I have visited these places with my friends.I captured so many pictures and they were below.Only thing , I missed is going to the top of the monument.I came to know that there is an elevator for reaching to the top and there we can find a view of a Houston.

People who are keen in acquiring knowledge in the battles and in the internal infrastructure of the Ship will enjoy in visiting this place

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Saudi Style….

Poem-Valentines Day

Cheli (Love),

Prati kshanam nee santoshaniki kaarana mayaa
Oka snehituni laga ,neeku toduga vundipovalanundi….

(I would like to be your friend who  always makes you happier..)

Yelapuduu Ninu kapadutuu Nee kasta sukalani panchukunaa
Oka tali tandri laga, neeto palupanchu kovalani vundi….

(I would like to take care of you like your parents who protects and take care after you…)

Anitiki minchi …

(More than that..)

Anukshanam Nuvee tana pranamani ,Nuvee tana lokamani, Nee adugu jadalo tanu nadavaalani
Talichaa oka amara premikudiga nilichi povalanundi…

(I would like to be a lover who thinks that you are his life, you are his world and wants to be in your every step of you…)

Aa kshnalu kosam nenu yeni yugalu ayina veechi choostanu…
Chivariki Nee thoodu kosam na tudi swasa vidicha mundu kooda veechi choostanu…

(I will wait for these moments even if centuries passes…..
At last, I will wait for your company even if my last breath leaves me…)

How Good It Will Be?

మనస్సును ఆహ్లదపరిచే,
చల్లని గాలుల మధ్య…
(When the air breezes are making your mind fresh…)
మనస్సును కుదుట పరిచే,
చిట చీకటిలోని నిండు చంద్రుడు,చుక్కల మధ్య…
(When the darkness with full moon and stars makes your mind stable…)
నిశబ్దాన్ని శబ్ధపరిచే,
సముద్రము అలలు మధ్య…
(when the sea waves are disturbing the silence….)
ఇలాంటి వాతవరనంలో…
(In this weather….)
ఇష్టమైన వాళ్ళు పక్కన ఉంటె
మనస్సులోని మాటలు బయటకు జారుతూవుంటె
కష్ట సుఖాలు పంచుకుంటువుటె
ఎంత బాగుంటుంది ….
(if the person whom you like is beside you
and if you share all the feelings from  your heart
then how good it will be?)
వాళ్ళ స్వచమైన చూపులు చూస్తుండిపొవాలి
వాళ్ళ తీపి తీపి మాటలు వింటుండిపొవాలి
ఆన్ని మరచీ ఆనందంలో తేలిపొవాలి
ఆ సమయాన్ని జీవితంలొ ఎప్పటికి మరవకుంటె
ఎంత బాగుంటుంది ….
(If you are looking at their pure eyes forever
if you are listening to their cute cute conversations
if you are in happiness by forgetting all the things and not forgetting that particular moments ….
Then how good it will be?…..)
ఈ సమయము వస్తుoదో రాదో నాకు తెలియదు,
అలాoటి వాళ్ళు ఉన్నారో లెదో నాకు తెలియదు.
(I dont know whether that moments will come,
I dont know whether that person is there)

Vantari (Alone)

Sodhara, ( Brother)

Nuvu vanatri vadivani digulu chendaku, (Don’t feel sad that you are alone,)

Yevaroo ninu kaadanukunarani kalata yenduku…(Don’t feel sad that somebody doesn’t want to be with  u)

nee sundari yekado okadagara vundivuntundi,

(Your lady will be there somewhere in this world)

aamakooda Nee Thoodukosam tapistuu vundivuntundi …

.(She is also very desperate to meet you sooner….)

Aama oka roju nee chenta cheri….(One day she will come in to your life….)

Nina tana prananga  bavinchi

Yelapudu ninu premistuvuntundi…

(She thinks that you are her life and loves you each and every moment)

Nina tana sarvasvamga bavinchi

Yelapudu nee adugujadaloo nilichi vuntundi…..

(She thinks that you are her world and will accompany you each and every second….)

Alanti ee devata kosam…(for meeting that goddess…)

Nuvu yeni janmalu veechi  choosina  adi tapukadu,

(Even if you wait for her in all your life’s also then it’s not a mistake….)

Yendukanta alanti sundari ee locamlo inkavaru leru…..

(Its because there is nobody like her in tis world….)

Nuvu vanatri vadivani digulu chendaku,

(Don’t feel sad that you are alone)

Yevaroo ninu kaadanukunarani kalata yenduku…

(Don’t feel sad that somebody doesn’t want to be with  u)

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